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Aurora in the moonlight
By Lee Petersen


The Majestic Circumzenithal Arcs

The circumzenithal arc, CZA, is the most beautiful of all the halos. The first sighting is always a surprise, an ethereal rainbow fled from its watery origins and wrapped improbably about the zenith. It is often described as an “upside down rainbow” by first timers. Someone also charmingly likened it to “a grin in the sky”.

Look straight up near to the zenith when the sun if fairly low and especially if sundogs are visible. The centre of the bow always sunwards and red is on the outside.

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When God closes a door, He opens a window

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Alpine Yoga Session (by justb)


Canterbury Arch (by wittap)


Japan/Kito Nobunra :)


the path by ml5468


Photographer Megan Price ~ Happy Friday lovely friends :)


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the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen. (by nbc_♥)

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near great basin national park
by tmo-photo


Po Lin Monastery, Lantau, Hong Kong

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