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Help Winnie find a home!

yapwraps submitted:

Winnie’s looking for a loving home:

About Winnie:

Winnie is Chihuahua mix.  she was found stray by Leg Up Rescue.  She is about 3 years old, weighs 6.5 pounds.  Her limp on her left leg does not prevent her from playing, running and going up and down the stairs.  She gets along well with dogs and she’s ok with kids.  She is super sweet and loves to cuddle.  she has a beautiful ash color — a rare color for chihuahuas.  She’s potty trained (goes on wee wee pads or outside).  she makes a great companion dog who can give her love.

If you would like to meet Winnie in person, come our store @ 2 Embarcadero Center - Street Level, SF - CA.

Winnie will be here Mondays - Tuesdays 230pm-7pm & Wednesdays 1030am-230pm.

Come see her and fall in love with her. She is a sweetheart!

P.S. YapWrap gives 20% off all YapWrap merchandise to rescue moms and dads! :) we support animal rescue organizations! and of course we give love to people who opens their hearts to welcome rescue animals into their lives! (official website)

It wasn’t me

It wasn’t me

so beautiful

so beautiful