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Welcome to my blog! Yogachocolatelove is a blog about awareness, kindness, compassion, mindfulness, spirituality, buddhism, meditation, food, optimism, positivism, motivational, inner peace, health and wellbeing, recipes, books, fitness, chocolate, love and lot of yoga. Feel free to ask me anything! Bienvenidos a mi blog! Yogachocolatelove es un blog de bondad, budismo, compasión, meditación, espiritualidad, optimismo, comida, recetas, fitness, salud y bienestar, libros, chocolate, amor y mucho yoga. For SPONSORS, SAMPLES, REVIEWS etc CONTACT: Para SPONSOR, MUESTRAS, REVIEWS etc, CONTACTO:
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    #100HappyDays Day 46: Practiced Bikram Yogis always say that your second class is your best. Even though my second class...
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    favorite posture right now
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    Ushtrasana = Camel Pose Increases blood supply to the brain helps memory, concentration and a reduction of stress and...
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    "Being receptive to different views and perspectives allows for unlimited horizons of spiritual potential." I like that...
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    why i love yoga
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    Ahhh… rejuvinated forreal.
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