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Welcome to my blog! Yogachocolatelove is a blog about awareness, kindness, compassion, mindfulness, spirituality, buddhism, meditation, food, optimism, positivism, motivational, inner peace, health and wellbeing, recipes, books, fitness, chocolate, love and lot of yoga. Feel free to ask me anything! Bienvenidos a mi blog! Yogachocolatelove es un blog de bondad, budismo, compasión, meditación, espiritualidad, optimismo, comida, recetas, fitness, salud y bienestar, libros, chocolate, amor y mucho yoga. For SPONSORS, SAMPLES, REVIEWS etc CONTACT: Para SPONSOR, MUESTRAS, REVIEWS etc, CONTACTO:
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There is nothing wrong. Sadness is not wrong. Fear is not wrong. Confusion is not wrong. Our pain is not wrong. Resisting our pain is what makes everything seem wrong. And yet here is a deeper truth, for those who are open: even our resistance of pain is not wrong. If that’s what’s happening, it cannot be wrong. It is a valid expression of life in the moment. Beyond ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. This love even embraces resistance. This Now is vast, and forgiving. Yet even ‘resistance’ is just another concept. Another judgement. Another way to make ourselves wrong. “Resistance bad. Acceptance good.” That’s what we learn. It’s not that we “resist” our pain. We just never learned how to be with it. How to sit with it. Stay with it. Have a cup of tea with it. See it as a beloved friend, at home in the vastness. Our ignorance is our innocence. We just never learned. Our pain is not wrong. It is an invitation. An ancient teaching. Universal. Free. Life invites us to come close. Falling through imagined layers. Into great mystery.
Jeff Foster
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