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Welcome to my blog! Yogachocolatelove is a blog about awareness, kindness, compassion, mindfulness, spirituality, buddhism, meditation, food, optimism, positivism, motivational, inner peace, health and wellbeing, recipes, books, fitness, chocolate, love and lot of yoga. Feel free to ask me anything! Bienvenidos a mi blog! Yogachocolatelove es un blog de bondad, budismo, compasión, meditación, espiritualidad, optimismo, comida, recetas, fitness, salud y bienestar, libros, chocolate, amor y mucho yoga. For SPONSORS, SAMPLES, REVIEWS etc CONTACT: Para SPONSOR, MUESTRAS, REVIEWS etc, CONTACTO:
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Death is a great illusion. The soul simply changes form, and life is eternal. Life goes on forever. In fact there are two lesson that he taught me. He said, if you take these two lessons, everything else in your life will make sense suddenly and you’ll have no more worries. These two are quite simple — life is eternal, and we’re all one. There’s nobody in the room but you in various forms. You treat that person across the table exactly as you would choose to treat yourself, and then don’t fear about death because you can’t possibly die, because you’d change into another form.
Neale Donald Walsch
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