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Welcome to my blog! Yogachocolatelove is a blog about awareness, kindness, compassion, mindfulness, spirituality, buddhism, meditation, food, optimism, positivism, motivational, inner peace, health and wellbeing, recipes, books, fitness, chocolate, love and lot of yoga. Feel free to ask me anything! Bienvenidos a mi blog! Yogachocolatelove es un blog de bondad, budismo, compasión, meditación, espiritualidad, optimismo, comida, recetas, fitness, salud y bienestar, libros, chocolate, amor y mucho yoga. For SPONSORS, SAMPLES, REVIEWS etc CONTACT: Para SPONSOR, MUESTRAS, REVIEWS etc, CONTACTO:
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Let me start out saying this:

I do NOT support thinspiration or thinspo blogs.


it’s just like supporting active anorexia and bulimi or any other likely eating disorder.

I find it so sad when ‘curvy’ girl see themselves as fat. You do not need to starve yourself to get in a…

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