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“Kathy looked me right in the eye,” Ric O’Barry says. “Then she took a breath, and then never took another one. She sank to the bottom of the tank. I jumped in and got her to the surface and tried to revive her but she was gone at that point. I don’t really like talking about that. But that was 40 years ago. 1970. Earth Day 1970.”

It was a day that transformed Ric from a happy-go-lucky dolphin trainer in Miami to a man obsessed with saving dolphins from the captivity and entertainment industry.

Kathy was one of the dolphins who played Flipper in the TV series of the 1960s. And Ric is quite certain that her death was a suicide. “Every breath a dolphin takes is a conscious effort, so they don’t have to take the next breath. That’s what I mean by suicide. I’d heard that dolphins commit suicide but I never experienced that until Kathy looked me right in the eye and took a breath and then never took another one.”

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    If you haven’t seen The Cove, I strongly suggest you see it ASAP.
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