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Cuando la vida sea dulce, di gracias y celebrarlo, cuando la vida sea amarga, di gracias y crece 💜🙏

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Firts time with #nopoo method in my dyed hair. My mom was a hairdresser for decades, she’s 71 now, and always talked me about the benefirs of baking soda and vinagre, then, years later I start hearing about no poo but thought it wasn’t for me because I dye my hair and I have bangs, then I saw my friend @yocomosapiens, who also have bangs using it and having a wonderful healthy #hair so I decide to give it a try starting today. I expected very dry hair (like when I did the transition to regular champús to paraben silicon free ones) but my hair is greasy like a have butter on my roots! 😱
I know it’s part of the detox process but sucks, thanks God I love pony tails 😂

Primera vez con el método no poo (sin champú) en mi pelo teñido. Mi madre, peluquera durante décadas, ahora tiene 71, siempre habló de lis beneficios del bicarbonato y el vinagre para el pelo, sobretodo den vinagre, después empecé a oír hablar del “no poo” pero pensé que siendo el pelo teñido y llevando flequillo no me iría bien y entonces vi a mi amiga @yocomosapiens, con flequillo, usando el no poo y con un pelo sano y precioso (y no se le pega el flequillo, gran preocupación mía), así que decidí empezar la desintoxicación y hoy es mi primer día. Tengo el pelo graso como si tuviera mantequilla en las raíces 😱 (esperaba tenerlo seco como cuando pasé de los champús normales a los sin parabenos ni siliconas), pero esta graso graso. Sé que es normal pero es una caca, suerte que adoro llevar coleta 😂

This is the amazing video I recorder today at the #gym of my #squats, as you can ser clearly my recording skills are outstanding! 😂😂😂 Anyway, new PR on #hipthrust 52’7 kilos 🍑🍑🍑👍 Mi maravilloso vídeo haciendo sentadillas con 27’5 kilos hoy, soy una maestra haciendo vídeos 😂😂😂 #workout #getglutes #strongcurves

Por fin llegó a Amazon España el libro de @saschafitness (a muy buen precio) y ya es mio!!!! 😀😀😀😀👍👌
Con muchas ganas de probar las recetas 😋

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Everything you love is here

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For more than 5 years I defined myself as agoraphobic, from now on I’m a recovering agoraphobic, I’m in the healing process, I’ll have setbacks, I’ll have good days and I’ll bad days, but I don’t want to define myself as an illness, yes, I do have an illness but I’m not my illness, I’m recovering from it, it will take time, effort and lot of struggle, because it’s an everyday struggle, every situation is a struggle, but I’m willing to experience the discomfort in order to recover.

Do not define yourself by fear.


Durante más de 5 años me he definido a mí misma como agorafobica (a diferencia de lo que la mayoría de la gente piensa, agorafobia no es miedo a los espacios abiertos, es el miedo al miedo, que nace por haber experimentado ataques de pánico muy fuertes), a partir de ahora soy una agorafobica en proceso de curación, me estoy recuperando, tendré recaídas, tendré días buenos y tendré días malos, pero no quiero definirme a mí misma como una enfermedad, sí, tengo una enfermedad pero no soy mi enfermedad, me estoy recuperando, me llevará tiempo, esfuerzo y lucha, cada día es un esfuerzo, cada situación es un esfuerzo, pero esoty dispuesta a encontrarme mal y pasarlo mal para poder recuperarme.

No te definas por el miedo.


Mucha fuerza y ánimos a todas y a todos!!! (también pueden padecerlo los hombres aunque sea menos frecuente), estamos con vosotr@s!!!!

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Had to share this, eye opening 🙏💜

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Good morning!!! 🌅🌈💜

Buenos días!!! 🌅🌈💜

Bon dia!!!! 🌅🌈💜

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🌌ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS 🌌 thank you @kylieminogue!!!! 💜💜💜

(I’m the one singing and screaming/ soy la que canta y grita 😂)

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(en Palau Sant Jordi)


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I hate this freaking career, 7 hours doing homework, my brain is about to explode!!!!! 😭😨😫

Odio la carrera de derecho, 7 horas haciendo trabajos, no puedo más, me va a estallar la cabeza!!!! 😭😨😫

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So obssesed with goat milk #kefir right now! So here it is with a new version, full fat kefir, chopped almonds, cinnamon and shredded coconut, delicious! 😍👍

Me encanta el kéfir de cabra! Esta es mi nueva versión, kéfir entero, cuadraditos de almendras, canela y coco rallado, delicioso! 😍👍

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Asker balance-love Asks:
Hello Lazyyogi :) I need an advice from you. Every time when someone is more successful than me/ smarter than me/ prettier than me, I have this bad urge to start thinking what makes me superior than that person. It fills me with negative energy and takes away the good one. How can I stop being so critical about myself and how to stop myself from constantly comparing to others? Thank you :)
yogachocolatelove yogachocolatelove Said:


Comparison does not and never will reveal truth. By comparing things, you are reducing them to something that can be compared. 

For example, comparing two cars. You reduce those vehicles to their miles per gallon, interior/exterior design, engine capabilities, and so on. People choose different cars for different reasons, depending on what they are looking for. Therefore the comparison of cars isn’t to actually determine which car is objectively “better” but rather which best suits your needs. 

However, what about someone who really loves cars? They might argue that a vehicle is more than the sum of its parts. Sometimes driving a shitty pickup down a country road can be more beautiful than cruising through town in a mercedes. A car lover may recognize that vehicles have personalities and qualitative traits subjective to the experiencer. 

And that’s just talking about inanimate objects. What about living beings?

When you compare yourself to others, you are reducing yourself to societal/habitual definitions of success, intelligence, beauty, and so on. Not only that, but you are reducing the person to which you are comparing yourself as well. The whole act of such comparison takes the living phenomenon of humanness and turns it into some dead thing composed of various parts. 

So to address the essence of your question, I see two important elements of which to be mindful:

1. Looking outside yourself in order to know who you are. 

2. Using justifications for your own worth and existence. 

These two conflicts are sadly common in this world, regardless of culture. I’ll address each briefly in turn. 

1. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

Who you are cannot be known or measured. Living beings are not simply computers meant to serve some sort of purpose or role. Sentient beings have a living presence, something no car or object can have. 

To know everything about “yourself” but still not live in and from that conscious presence is to know nothing at all. But in knowing that living presence, which means consciously being that presence, there is nothing left to be known. 

No comparison will ever reveal who you actually are, just some temporary and relative position in time and space. If someone’s prettier than you, wait fifty years and see if you still think so. Or wait a hundred years and gaze upon their corpse. 

What do you want: To satisfy your mind’s insecurities in search of happiness or to cease seeking happiness on your insecurities’ terms?

2. You are here because the Earth wanted you here. 

You are not here for your parents, not for this society, not for your peers, and not for any grand purpose which you must fulfill or be a failure. 

In the light of the Sun’s selfless love, the Earth spontaneously creates, supports, and cycles living systems. 

If you use looks to justify your existence and worth, then you will be limited to the lifetime of your looks in order to be happy. Bad hair days, aging, and the like will be permanently limiting factors on your happiness and sanity. 

The same goes for intelligence, success, and whatever other qualities we may value. Everything that begins will also end. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bother starting things and seeing them through, playing the game of society. Rather, it means we need to be able to do so without looking to the game and its results to give us something we lack. 

I strongly recommend the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It will give you even more insights on these common misperceptions and conditioned habits while offering practical techniques of mindfulness to meet them. 

Once you begin to value peace and happiness more than your reasons for being peaceful or happy, you will know freedom from the mind. 

Namaste sis :) Much love

Everything you see has roots in the unseen world.
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